Magic Mike's Tavern and Restaurant Customer Building Promotion
Double Customers on an off night, happy hour, or pre-band warm-up
to bring customers in early. See your business magically increase!
(Act now, only seven clients can be taken per month!)

Mike as Sponge Bob
Magic Mike in
SpongeBob costume at
Toyota of Seattle 2001

magic salt
Magic Mike at
Seattle Center

Seattle Library reading promotion
Seattle Times 1995

KSTW-TV News Seattle 1992

Book Magic Mike into your tavern or restaurant for a six week period and you will see that night double in attendance. In the past, some restaurants continued for six months (Godfathers Pizza - Kent) and one continued for a year and a half (New Century Tavern and Restaurant - U District). It's a perfect way to create a family night where people bring their children to the restaurant, or for taverns to increase customers to build a slow mid-week night.

   Magic Mike is an expert at close-up illusions that stuns people. He makes them balloon hats and everyone feels like they're at a party! Everyone feels special in their own hat as if they were wearing custom t-shirts made just for them! Magic Mike suggests that they come back next week and bring a few friends. You will see them come back the next week with two or four new people that were not regular customers and then you have you new regulars. It's the cheapest way to advertise!

    Mike gets the event added to newspapers and Internet calendars. Table-top flyers alert current customers through the week.  So, instead of spending money on advertising, you build through the grassroots base of your existing customers. Booking Magic Mike one or two hours before the music starts gives people a real reason to come in early which increases pre-band business.

   Magic Mike the Magician performed for The Lone Ranger, Buckminster Fuller, Ken Kesey, Frank Herbert, Tom Robbins, The Firesign Theatre, Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Marshall Tucker Band, Charlie Daniels, Arlo Guthrie, Heart, Leon Redbone, Tom Waits, Robert Cray Band, Chuck Mangione, Freddy Hubbard, The Outlaws, Dr. John, Captain Beefheart, Commander Cody, Flying Karamazovs, Norman Durkee, cast of Northern Exposure. He was hired to entertain at the world premiers of "The Four Seasons," performing backstage for Alan Alda, and at "The Stuntman". Magic Mike met The Dalai Lama of Tibet eight times at teachings on mind given in Seattle, Vancouver, Madison, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and San Jose.

   Past Clients: Boeing Computer Services - New York Computer Literacy Trade Show, Commodore Computers - Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Coke Foods - Houston sales promotion, Schleigal Corporation Los Angeles National Computer Conference, National Cable TV Association Shows in Las Vegas and New Orleans, The National Satellite Show - Nashville, Western Satellite Show - Reno, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Show, Pacific Northwest Hotel Hospitality Show, a national story in Compaq's Hardcopy Magazine, 60 Minutes" with Andy Rooney.

For the last 12 years Magic Mike has asked $150 for a child or adult shows
plus $ travel time and expenses for shows outside the general area.

Because of problems with the economy he offers a
$50 discount, a $100 show.

He has a fee of $80 for seniors and schools on weekdays. Call for a quote for repeating business shows.

Please use the phone for timely contacting! Your email MAY go into junk mail.

Phone (206) 632-7152
Magic Mike Berger
Magic Mike the Magician

Showing Lone Ranger magic  National Cable TV Show - Las Vegas 1992

"Murphy's People"
KIRO-TV Seattle 1983

"How Come"
KING-TV Seattle 1980

Seattle Weekly 1980

KOIN-TV2  News
Portland 1979

Eugene 1979